Our Urban Assault remix of PsoGnar’s “Full Potential” is featured on the latest Heavy Artillery Recs compilation “Return of the Future”!

Various Artists – Return Of The Future LP

At Heavy Artillery’s mission control we’re always thinking about the future, but what is “the future” as it relates to music? Some music is just timeless, maybe it was conceived before it’s time, maybe it’s just too far ahead and it’s time may never come, or “it’s time” may just depend on the listeners awareness of it in time and space, who even knows? All we can say for certain is that we don’t care at all about fitting into some box, current trend or fad, and we don’t ever focus on what others are doing, destiny just brings us closer to artists who were put into our path for whatever reason the cosmos has designed and in turn we document it, hold it up, examine it, and push it out into the spotlight where it belongs. With that being said, some sounds are just beyond us and all we can do is enjoy them, and pass them on to you…………after all, these are just snapshots in time, grab hold of them while they are here.

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