Shortee’s Complete DJ Method is available on Groove3!

Hey guys! My brand new online DJ instructional video series just launched and is now LIVE!!

“Shortee’s Complete DJ Method” is published by Hal Leonard Books and hosted exclusively by Groove 3 Inc. on . Peep the sizzle reel below to learn all about it!
This massive project has been over a year in the making and I’m SO excited to FINALLY be able to share it with you!! The first 6 courses are available now on with tons more releasing on a regular basis in the coming months over the next few years. Yup, I said YEARS. This series has loads of tutorial content with over 50+ course titles and then some. Cheers!!


Welcome to Shortee’s Complete DJ Method, a comprehensive DJ instructional program that teaches all the skills you need to DJ like a pro!

Shortee’s Complete DJ Method is created for all skill levels and taught on a wide range of industry standard DJ gear. Whether you want to learn on turntables, CDJs, mixers, controllers, or software, each lesson plan is arranged in an organized, easy-to-follow series of courses that cover everything from the essential basics to the most advanced skills.

Simply choose your preferred series and world-renowned DJ Shortee thoroughly walks you through each piece of gear and DJ technique step by step, explaining every feature, function, and skill in detail. Every lesson is taught in a clear way that is easy for anyone to understand, complete with practical examples that you can incorporate into your DJ sets.

Shortee’s Complete DJ Method covers turntables, CDJs, various DJ mixers, DJ controllers (Serato and Traktor), various DJ software (Serato DJ, Traktor Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro, Rekordbox, Rekordbox DJ, and Mixed In Key), music theory, mixing, harmonic mixing, trick mixing, scratching, beat juggling, remixing, video mixing, and more.

With over twenty years of professional experience as a multi-genre DJ, turntablist, music producer, author, and DJ instructor, DJ Shortee brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the classroom. She has taught for the Grammy Foundation, Dubspot, Scratch DJ Academy, Serato, Rane, Turntable U, SAE Institute, and more. Her name has become synonymous with the world of DJ instructional products, and she is respected worldwide for her talent as both an accomplished performer and a gifted teacher.



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