New Course: The Complete Guide To Traktor Pro 2

Hey guys! I just released a brand new course on Groove3:
The Complete Guide To Traktor Pro 2!

“In this massive video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee thoroughly walks you through the TRAKTOR Pro 2 and TRAKTOR Scratch Pro 2 software and all its essential features. You’ll learn to navigate the software, import tracks, create playlists, customize the entire platform to your liking and much more.

Discover how to create Cue Points, Hot Cues, loops, Beatgrids, and work with TRAKTOR’s various effects modes. Master features like Auto Sync, Move, Flux Mode, Cruise Mode, BeatSlicer, Beatmasher, Remix Decks, and the all-new Stem Decks. Learn to easily map any kind of MIDI device, sync external software or hardware with TRAKTOR’s Master Clock, record your DJ mixes without the need of external software, and so much more!

The lessons are taught in a clear way that is easy for anyone to understand and include practical examples on how to use many of the software’s features and functions. This information-packed course is the third in the Software Series as well as an integral part of the Turntable Series, CDJ Series, TRAKTOR DJ Controller Series, and DJ Remixing Series of Shortee’s Complete DJ Method. Know your TRAKTOR software inside and out, watch “The Complete Guide To Traktor Pro 2” today!” ~ SCDJ Method