Mashur & BBK “Back To Business” (Urban Assault Remix)

Band :
Title : Mashur & BBK - Back To Business (Urban Assault Remix)
Release Date : December 22, 2014
Label : ,
Catalog ref. : HAR333
Format : Remix

When the dust settles, and the smoke clears, the true players are still hard at work. Mashur & BBK are getting Back To Business, carving out titanium anthems that bang the clubs apart! Some partnerships are just meant to be, BBK’s bold, clever rap style, Mashur’s dank, dirty beats… all comes together as it should, full of grace and power! Back To Business comes correct with that epic Dubstep, bringing pure fire to the big stages! Mashur’s refined and direct production style has turned a lot of heads. Big bad beats and gritty twisting bass lines get the Mashur treatment on every track and his sound is nothing short of epic! Partners in bass, the duo Mashur & Kevlar launched a steady stream of hi-definition Dubstep anthems that have forever carved these 2 producers respectable names! Now as a solo act Mashur is respectably carrying the torch, better than ever, unveiling some tremendous beats for a new era! Heavyweight bass line music, business as usual for Mashur! BBK, aka Ryan Krantz, Emcee and Label Owner of Total Damage Records has a work ethic few can match! His list of releases is staggering spanning across a multitude of killer labels such as Play Me Too, Peak Hour Music, Audiophile, Big Alliance, Audio Planet, Atomic Zoo, Heavy Artillery, Royal One Records, RockForce Records, Pop Rox Muzik, Filthy Bitch, The Pooty Club, Funkk Sound Recordings, Drop The World, Pyramid Recordings, Breakz R Boss, WonKed, and many more!

Just recently BBK hit #1 spot on Beatport’s top 100 breaks and also topped the Beatport Dubstep, Electro House and Glitch Hop charts as well! That’s not all, the man is hard at work putting together a slew of new projects as a solo artist and in collaboration with many top producers in the game, you can’t stop the BBK blitz! Heavy Artillery label bosses Urban Assault aka Faust & Shortee have been pioneers in the electronic scene for decades producing and playing a wide variety of styles. The duo is back with a twisted remix of “Back To Business” showcasing their high octane, dance floor Drum&Bass! Make way as the anthem creeps in, dank dancehall chords build the anticipation as sharp drums blast the airwaves! BBK’s rapid fire vocals ignite the build and the countdown begins, it’s back to business when dense bass lines smack down shaking your world apart! Absolute stunner for real, this dub will level the sound boys….rate this as a category 10, BIG!