Scratch Like A Girl Slipmats

1 Packaged Pair of Professional Grade Slipmats

  • Non-Glow Slipmats
  • Available in 16oz Classic (or) 9oz SkinnEz™*
  • Glowtronics slipmats are made from only the highest quality 100% polyester felt material.
  • All  slipmats come with Glowtronics specialized Glazed bottom surface, which has become the industries professional standard in slipmats.
  • Glowtronics uses a sublimation printing technique to print the slipmats. This method dyes the fibers of the felt without leaving a residue or any sort of top surface feel. Inks will keep colors vibrant and from fading once printed and the artwork will last the life of the slipmat.

*What’s with the weight Difference?

  • 16oz Classic Slipmats are the industry standard weight that DJs are most familiar with. Perfect for all-things-DJ.
  • 9oz SkinnEz™ are specifically produced for the Scratch DJ. These low profile slipmats are fast with a very smooth and precise handling.



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