Scratch DJ Bootcamp.

Learn the fundamentals from SCRATCH in a LIVE online class!

I didn’t know anything about scratching before taking Shortee's class.

She breaks the movements down into simple steps. And creates worksheets for you that are really helpful to visualize the various patterns of scratches.

I met Shortee as an instructor at the first Sip N’ Scratch event, hosted by the Beat Junkie Institute of Sound.

I was so inspired after the event that I purchased my own set of turntables.

I also used Shortee’s online videos to learn how all the equipment connects together. As a woman, it’s empowering to meet and learn from DJ Shortee.


SHANINA ROSS | @shaninaross

Want to learn how to scratch — from scratch?

Need a refresher or want to sharpen your skills?

Want to impress your peeps with mad skills so you can stand out as a DJ?

Tired of DIY videos and need LIVE step-by-step instruction from a Pro?

Master the fundamentals of scratching with DJ Shortee – LIVE via ZOOM!


TIME: 2pm PST / 5pm EST



Peep the deets.

Scratch DJ Bootcamp is a LIVE 3-hour intensive group class teaching YOU the art of scratching. 

Get ready to wow the faces off your fans when they see you shredding your cuts! 

(No experience needed. Learn on any type of DJ hardware.)

In this 3-hour online intensive you’ll learn how to:

What you get:

Requirements & Suggestions:

Want private lessons instead?


About your instructor.


I've been teaching the craft of DJing since 1997.

From classes and private lessons, to tutorial videos and online DJ courses. I’ve taught thousands of people around the world how to rock the decks. 

I also wrote a book about how to get started as a DJ. And even created the first-ever DJ instructional video series teaching how to mix, scratch and beat juggle(Back when VHS was a thing.)

I’ve taught for brands like The Grammy Foundation, Berklee College of Music, SAE, Hal Leonard, Scratch DJ Academy, Dubspot, Rane, Serato, BPM Supreme, and Beat Junkie Institute of Sound.

(Need more street cred? Peep my bio.)

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Scratch DJ Bootcamp
3-Hour Intensive Online Group Class
$ 149
  • SUNDAY - NOVEMBER 15, 2020
  • 2pm PST / 5pm EST

DJ Shortee is AWESOME!

I was just starting to learn to scratch and felt a bit intimidated but she’s so sweet and approachable, it’s impossible to be nervous around her!

Something she taught me that really made a difference was how to structure my practice sessions. 

I had trouble practicing on my own. I’d get stuck doing the same patterns and I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark, wondering, “Is this doing anything?”

Shortee gives me practice drills to hone each individual scratch and combination.

Plus ideas on how to swing them and get funky! When I’ve got something down, she steps me up to a faster tempo.

Whenever I’m staring at my turntables and feel stuck, I just start with one of Shortee’s simple drills. I loosen up, something else takes over, and I start to flow!

She's very generous with her knowledge.

I feel I can reach out to her any time with a question and she’ll answer me. She’s super inspiring too! I love her positivity and support to all female DJ’s!


Shortee's paved the way for any and all female djs.

Her skill, work ethic, and love for deejaying is extraordinary. She’s one of a kind

Her love for teaching and ability to explain the art is absolutely inspiring. Whether she’s teaching, rocking a crowd, or scratching, you’ll never get anything less than perfect.


Shortee isn’t just one of the best female DJ’s, she's one of the best DJ's. Period.

Shortee was one of my instructors at Scratch DJ Academy back in 2005 ’til 2007. Intermediate scratching and beat juggling were the classes that she was teaching at the time.

She helped me bring my DJ skills to another level.

I’ve been DJing for about 12 years now and ’til this day I apply the lessons that Shortee taught me.

Because of who she is as a person and instructor, I was inspired to become a DJ instructor and years later became one at the same school Shortee taught me.

I was able to pass on the knowledge that she taught me onto others. Basically what I’m saying is…

Shortee is the G.O.A.T.!

DJ RELL | @djrell12 | MikiDz Show |

Shortee is one of the most talented and educated DJs in the industry.

You can tell immediately upon meeting her that she was born to teach. She’s extremely patient and anticipatory. I’ve found that she solves my problems before I even encounter them!

She takes any issue you have — regardless of your operating system or DJ software or hardware preference — and helps you to navigate through whatever obstacles you may have, quickly and easily.

She always makes herself available to help and is genuinely happy to do so. I would recommend Shortee to anyone, regardless of skill level.

She’s the best!



Shortee taught me so much and in detail.

From mixing one song to the next, beat matching and scratching — I can definitely say I was taught by the best. She was one of my very first instructors when I started DJing.

In addition to skills, Shortee’s given me insight about the business and tips to come up as a female DJ in the industry. She’s a very honest, encouraging, fun teacher and person.

She’s had an extremely positive and empowering influence on me as a DJ, musician and as a woman in the DJ world too!


DJ DIVINE LIGHT | @djdivinelight

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Scratch DJ Bootcamp
3-Hour Intensive Online Group Class
$ 149
  • SUNDAY - NOVEMBER 15, 2020
  • 2pm PST / 5pm EST

I’m super stoked to rock with ya on the 1s and 2s! See ya soon!

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